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Who are you really? What is it you truly desire?

I work with people who are ready to move beyond "good enough" to realize their true potential through a holistic, solutions-based coaching approach which harnesses the power of growth mindset and neuroplasticity.

In order to change our circumstances, we must first change our minds. What do you need to think, what do you need to believe, who do you need to become to live the life of your dreams? That person is inside you, waiting to be unleashed. Are you ready to step into your power?


What is preventing you from living your best life? Maybe you don't have enough money, or you suffer from poor health. Maybe you are unlucky in love, stuck in a dead-end job, or just never seem to catch a break. Most of us will work, plan, and strive towards those things we think we should do, or that we think will make us happy. Few will ever realize the truth - in order to change our lives, we must first change ourselves from the inside.

What some call the law of attraction, I call the science of mind. It starts with mindfulness and the realization that we are not our thoughts. Once we are able to observe our thoughts without attaching to them, we are empowered to choose the thoughts which serve us and let go of those which don't. Through the power of attention, our chosen thoughts become beliefs and this is where the magic, or rather, the science, happens.


Beliefs are the territory of the subconscious mind. Once you truly believe something, your subconscious influences things like your choices, your actions, your nonverbal communications, and your relationships through the filter of that belief in a million, subtle, unconscious ways. As you choose your thoughts and change your beliefs, the things in your outer world begin transforming.

Because it's a result of unconscious behaviors, it will seem like magic! And while what we are doing is hacking the power of the brain, of neuroplasticity and the subconscious mind, why not revel in the magic of watching the outer world change in response to the inner work we've done? After all, if you believe in magic, the subconscious mind is happy to influence your unconscious actions to support that belief and bring more magic your way!

The best part? We have the power to discover our limiting beliefs, assumptions and interpretations, bring them to conscious awareness and then let go of those which aren't serving us. We have the power to choose new beliefs which will serve us. And there are all kinds of easy to learn, actionable strategies to make this journey possible.As your coach, I'll be your partner, your biggest cheerleader, a sounding board and a mirror. I'll ask you questions others won't ask and push you as hard as you are willing to be pushed. You already have unlimited potential, are you ready to unlock it? I'd love to partner with you on this journey.


Ready to take the next step? Whether you are interested in:

  • Learning more about yourself and how you move through the world through the ELI Assessment and debrief

  • Taking your life, career, and relationships to the next level through a one on one coaching program designed specifically for you

  • Scheduling a private or group forest bathing experience


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